Through the lenses of our main character Ebru from Istanbul, Confrontation focuses on the psychosocial aspects of breast cancer, dominated by body images, fears of lost and changing relationships.

Following her diagnosis, Ebru’s journey continues with surgery and chemotherapy. The seemingly never ending cycle of long waits at the hospital corridors, chemotherapy and scans is first acknowledged with a sense of shock and then fought with resilience.

During various stages of the disease, Ebru’s internal struggles find their way of expression through dance therapy. At times she dances alone and at times with other survivors in a quest to redefine herself and learn to make peace with her own body.
On her journey, other characters open their world to us.

Turkish Women’s national soccer team goalkeeper and trainer Nurcan is self-confident despite mastectomy. She is filled with the joy of life while all her family members have fought breast cancer. Nuray, diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant, is able to welcome a health baby to life despite all the fears, trying to share her experience to benefit others.
Sergun, a male writer who has to deal with “a disease mostly affecting woman”, goes through turbulent emotions.

These and other survivors as well as some of their family members stand together with Ebru at her traumatic hair shaving and shave their hair too to support her.

“Confrontation” is a story of human will and strength. Its characters create a circle of support through dance, nature and friendships while inspiring us. They show us ways to exist within life and redefine themselves instead of focusing on the losses.

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